Parts & Services

ADDCAR stocks over $10 million worth of repair parts. Designated service technicians are on call, and our delivery fleet is available 24/7. We’ll help get you back in the coal as quickly as possible. A Component Exchange Program is available for major components (we’ll deliver a new or reconditioned replacement to you, and take yours in return).

Certain parts can be changed out faster than they could ever be delivered. Hence, we recommend you stock them on site so that you can get back into operation as soon as possible. Upon purchasing a system, you will be provided with a list of recommended, on site, spare parts for your system along with accompanying part numbers. The types of parts recommended for on site inventory are summarised below:

Recommended on-site parts list

The following lists the typical parts ADDCAR would recommend you keep on site. This is a generalised list. Upon consummation of a purchase, we provide you with a detailed list including part numbers and pricing.

Continuous Miner

  • Gear cases
  • Bits
  • Hydraulic pump motor
  • Hydraulic conveyor motor
  • Scrubber fan motors
  • Cutter motors
  • Methane monitor parts
  • Conveyor chain


  • 40 Horsepower conveyor motors
  • Conveyor belt
  • Cable Receptacles and parts
  • Structure and rollers 4″ X 15″ & 4″ X 29.75″
  • Speed reducer
  • Conveyor splicing kits

Launch Vehicle

  • Speed reducer for belly, incline and stacker belts
  • Pusher assembly
  • Lights


  • Hydraulic hoses and fittings
  • Hydraulic cylinders
  • Bearings
  • Water hose
  • Cable splicing kit
  • Breakers (100 – 1,000 amp range)
  • Storage tank water pump
  • Alternator & starter for Endloader