Purchase, Lease or Contract

If you have recoverable coal, we’ll find a way to help you get it out. You can purchase a system outright, lease an ADDCAR system for a pre-determined amount of time. Or, if you prefer, you can use ADDCAR to contract mine those reserves.


Your ADDCAR highwall system will be delivered within 5 months after the placement of your order. We’ll assemble it on your site, and provide training for your crew if you like. A 6 month warranty is included on parts and materials. In general, 30% 25% of the purchase price will be paid when the order is placed; 35% within 30 days of contract signing, 30% 30% at the time the order begins shipping, and 40% 10% when erection is complete. Purchase price includes the system itself. Delivery and the training program are available separately.


If you prefer a lease arrangement, your system will be delivered within 5 months after you’ve placed your order. ADDCAR has relationships with the firms below who have extensive experience in the mining industry. Typically, the lease becomes effective on the date setup is complete, and monthly payments will be due on or before the first of each month. ADDCAR will provide you a list of recommended spare parts. Typical lease requirements are: and you will be required to 1. keep the equipment in good working condition. You will be required to 2. adhere to roof and pillar control plans recommended by a third-party geotechnical firm. 3. insurance will be required that covers physical damage, Workers’ Compensation, Commercial General Liability, Employer’s Liability, Automobile Liability, and Excess Liability. 4. property taxes will be billed separately. You should also budget for 5. cost of delivery and the recommended training program. If you prefer to work with an independent equipment leasing company, the following firms have extensive experience dealing with the mining industry.

Contract Mining

ADDCAR also offers its services as a contract miner. Together, we’ll agree on a tiered pricing arrangement based on anticipated tons/month of output. We’ll obtain our own MSHA identification as an independent contractor. You pay for delivery of the unit; we’ll pay to take it away. We provide turn key results and your coal is considered delivered when it comes off the stacker conveyor.

Training Program

ADDCAR believes a “hands-on” approach is best for training your crew to take on highwall system operation. We will provide a complete highwall crew to erect your system on-site and to operate it for the first 60 days. During that time, you’ll be able to select your crew and schedule members to work alongside ADDCAR workers. You should plan to have an on-site supervisor, responsible for directing the mining operations. An experienced ADDCAR management professional will be on-site for consultation. All training programs are tailored for your mine and your people’s skill levels.