Plant & Equipment

Broad Bench Highwall SystemBroad Bench Highwall System

Every ton of coal you get from your reserves is money in your pocket.

Narrow Bench Highwall SystemNarrow Bench Highwall System

Prior to 1977, it was not mandatory that highwalls in the U.S. be reclaimed. Hence, there are considerable highwall reserves that are readily available for mining.

Continuous MinerContinuous Miner

The ADDCAR system allows you to select the Miner (from the major OEM's) that best matches your seam conditions.

Conveyor CarsConveyor Cars

The signature of ADDCAR Highwall Mining is the unique Cascading Conveyor system that uses high speed open conveyors that overlap to feed coal from the miner to the stacker conveyor without increasing fines.

Support EquipmentSupport Equipment

End Loaders, Stacker Conveyors, Diesel Generators, Water Tankers, Pull & Carry Dollies and Auxiliary Equipment.