Continuous Miner

The ADDCAR system allows you to select the Miner (from the major OEM’s) that best matches your seam conditions. ADDCAR has worked closely with the major OEMs and both parties are familiar with the modifications that must be made on a standard continuous miner to adapt it for highwall mining. The core design of the machine as well as the regulatory permissibility essentially remain unchanged.

bucyrus25moBucyrus 25MO
bucyrus25miBucyrus 25MI
joy14cmJoy 14CM
continuous-miner-thumbJoy 12CM


Bucyrus 25MOBucyrus 25MIJOY 14CM15JOY 12CM12
Minimum Cutter Drum Diameter (in)28323844
Minimum Mining Height (in)32364250
Maximum Cutter Drum Diameter (in)30364444
Maximum Mining Height (in)4884126181
Cutting Width (ft)1211.7511.510.8
Installed Horse Power590600738752
Length (ft)35353537.5
Width Over Frame (ft)11.6711.511.3310.33
Height Over Boom (in)283231.339.5
Weight (tons)52.5626165