Support Equipment

End Loader

Equipped with a specially modified forklift attachment to safely haul, place and remove conveyor cars.

Stacker Conveyor

Designed to dump in a 180 degrees radius around the launch vehicle. Belt widths vary from 48″ to 72″. Conveyor can be fitted with optional belt scales.

Diesel Generator

ADDCAR highwall mining systems are capable of operating on diesel generators if line power is not available. Even if line power is used, ADDCAR backs up operations with diesel generators. Typically, Caterpillar diesel generators are used, with output of either 7200 volts (used in thicker seams – mostly in the West) or 4160 volts (used in thinner seams, mainly in the East). Power is fed to a substation on the launch vehicle, which regulates and distributes appropriate voltages to the various electrical systems. Diesel consumption is approximately 800-1,000 gallons per day.

Water Tanker

Approximately 24,000 gallons per day of water are required for dust suppression and motor cooling. A 7,000-10,000-gal. tank on wheels is kept near the active work area and replenished 2-3 times per day.

Pull & Carry Dollies

To move the launch vehicle between pits.

Auxiliary Equipment

  • Mechanics’ tool truck
  • Foreman’s truck
  • Light plant
  • Mobile lubrication station
  • Bulldozer/loader and trucks to move coal from mining area (coal is considered to be delivered at the mining area).