What is ISO14001?

What is ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems?

ISO14001 Environmental Management Systems establishes the international framework and principles for organisations to establish an effective Environmental Management System (EMS). The basic elements of an EMS include; Environmental Policy, Planning, Implementation, Measurement and Evaluation, and Management review of the Environmental Management System.

The standard is very broad in nature and is therefore applicable across all industries and sectors, from office environments, all the way through to high-risk mining and construction activities.

Organisations who have a system designed to meet the requirements of ISO14001, may also wish to have their system accredited to the same standard.

What are the benefits of ISO14001?

An organisation that has developed a system compliant with ISO14001, can demonstrate a commitment to compliance with best practice environmental management, and also compliance with various environmental legislation. Given the complex nature of state and federal environmental legislation, an EMS designed to ISO14001, provides a strong basis on which compliance can be achieved.

Furthermore an ISO14001 accredited EMS will assist with

  • Increasing competitiveness
  • Verifying your companies systems are implemented and compliant
  • Assist in maintaining consistence approach across the business
  • Assist in the continuous improvement of your EMS across the organisation

What are the ongoing requirements of ISO14001?

Similarly to other Safety and Quality Management systems, there is an ongoing requirement to implement, manage and review the EMS. In addition to internal audits and inspections, dedicated resources will be required to investigate incidents, close-out corrective actions, and ensure the system is updated.

Need help?

Engenicom has assisted numerous businesses in achieving ISO14001 accreditation, advice on system design, training, as well as ongoing internal and external audits to demonstrate compliance with the EMS.